Efficient transport and safe travel

Mobility and safety issues, which are central to IFSTTAR's research, are addressed by Theme 1, whose aim is to achieve "efficient transport and safe travel". Mobility systems are crucial for the functioning of modern societies, and they must become more energy efficient, more reliable and more resilient while integrating innovative technology. They must also make the effort to understand the consequences of the automation of transport systems.

In this context, researchers are working to develop solutions that meet society's expectations, i.e. that are reliable, energy-efficient, safe and responsible, as well as suitable for all people and goods. Our teams have three goals: improving the reliability of transport, enhancing the safety and ergonomics of travel, and promoting multimodal, intelligent, clean and seamless mobility.

Five themes were specifically addressed in 2018: traffic information, infrastructure diagnosis and maintenance, road safety, with a particular focus on vulnerable users and in-company actions, not forgetting technological breakthroughs.