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By Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal
Managing Director of IFSTTAR

Busy and productive in equal measure, for us 2018 was a year filled with good news in all areas.

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Let's hear from...

Sandrine Chinzi

Director of Transport Infrastructure (DTI) at the Directorate-General for Infrastructure, Transport and the Sea (DGITM)

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[Translate to Anglais:] Stephen Perkins

Stephen Perkins

Head of the International Transport Forum (ITF) Research Centre at the OECD and a member of IFSTTAR's Scientific Board.

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IFSTTAR's Activity Reports

The Activity Report summarizes the Institute’s activities at national and international levels, and also describes its financial and human resources.

It gives an overview of the scientific findings for each research area and topic.

Click on each image to download the PDF file [.pdf]

Activity report 2018
Activity report 2017
[Translate to Anglais:] Rapport d'activité 2016_img
Activity report 2016
Activity report 2015
Activity report 2014
Activity report 2013
Activity report 2012
Activity report 2011
Activity report 2010